Check Out These Steakhouses Near Your Gaslight Commons Apartment

steak and potatoes

Winter is all about indulging in some comfort food, and what better way to do that than to sit down with a wonderful steak dinner? The South Orange area is filled with top-ranked steakhouses that have the best quality meats around.

If you’re ready to enjoy a five-star meal this weekend with some family and friends, than book your reservations at these steakhouses near your Gaslight Commons apartment for a truly satisfying meal.


Nero’s Grille, located at 618 S Livingston Ave, Livingston which is 10 minutes from your Gaslight Commons apartment, is an upscale steakhouse featuring chops, fish and salads, plus Italian favorites and a bustling bar scene.

Nero’s standard is to prepare and serve only the freshest, highest quality food, impeccably presented. Plus, their award-winning wine selection is judged to be exceptionally comprehensive, well-balanced and favorably priced.


Bloomfield Steak & Seafood House, located at 409 Franklin St, Bloomfield which is 15 minutes from your Gaslight Commons apartment, is a former Revolutionary War hideout which is now a chophouse and seafood restaurant.

Their cozy “home” sprawls with photos and memories of generations before them that have helped to make their unique family-style atmosphere feel like a second home to you as well. They are a hybrid of mid-West and Jersey Italian and with that, lots of personality.


Nero’s Grille

618 S Livingston Ave, Livingston, NJ 07039

(973) 994-1410



Bloomfield Steak & Seafood House

409 Franklin St, Bloomfield, NJ 07003

(973) 680-4500


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