Visit These Bookstores Near Your Gaslight Commons Apartment


Now that our warm, summer days are on their way out, the time is coming for us to spend some more time getting cozy in our Gaslight Commons apartments. However, no need to fret – the time has come for some relaxing at home!

One of the best ways to spend some quality time at home is to curl up with a good book, and if your bookshelf is looking a little bare, that’s OK – there are tons of bookstores near your Gaslight Commons apartment that have everything from romance novels to mystery thrillers. Read on to find out where you can get some brain food this fall!

Montclair Book Center, located at 221 Glenridge Ave, Montclair which is about 20 minutes from your Gaslight Commons apartment, is one of the largest independent bookstores in New Jersey, with more than 10,000 square feet of new and used books.

The Montclair Book Center has added a record store featuring thousands of vinyl gems from old LPs to 12 inch singles and 45s. They also feature CDs and collectible items with new stock arriving regularly.

Words Bookstore, located at 179 Maplewood Ave, Maplewood which is five minutes from your Gaslight Commons apartment, offers an extensive selection of books in-store and thousands of ebooks through our partnership with Kobo eBooks, the official eBook reader of independent booksellers.

Words Bookstore is especially dedicated to local families that have a member with a developmental disability. They strive to help Maplewood become a model community of inclusion through their treatment of disabled customers and employees, especially those with autism.


Montclair Book Center

221 Glenridge Ave, Montclair, NJ 07042

(973) 783-3630


Words Bookstore

179 Maplewood Ave, Maplewood, NJ 07040

(973) 763-9500


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