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Mardi Gras

Check Out These Cajun Restaurants near your Gaslight Commons Apartment

Mardi Gras is right around the corner on Feb. 28, a time filled with parties, fruity cocktails, fun music and happy people….

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Cozy Up With a Good Book from Words Bookstore

With the weather chilly outside, we know there’s nothing you would rather do than stay inside your warm, cozy Gaslight Commons apartment….

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beer tap

Grab a Craft Beer at These Breweries Located Near your Gaslight Commons Apartment

These days, craft breweries are all the rage in New Jersey – brewers are experimenting with everything from hot peppers to blueberries…

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Valentines Day dinner

Head to the Les Saisons Inn for a Romantic ‘Getaway’

 Your Gaslight Commons may be beautiful, but we get it – for Valentine’s Day, it’s nice to get away on a little…

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playing violin

Catch a Show at the Newark Symphony this February

During the cold winter months, there’s nothing like cozing up in a warm theater and catching a relaxing show. Luckily for Gaslight…

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