Can You Escape from The Lighthouse in One Hour?


We know that as a Gaslight Commons resident, you’re not looking to pack your weekends full of just any activity – instead, you want to do things that go beyond the typical dinner and a movie.

Many other people feel this way, too, which is why recently, tons of outside-the-box activities have been popping up near Gaslight Commons – including Jimmy’s Escape Room at 372 Broad Street in Bloomfield, about 20 minutes from your home, a venue which features live puzzle challenges for guests to race against the clock to solve.

At Jimmy’s Escape Room, you will have 45 minutes alongside your team of up to eight participants for $35 per person to solve riddles and find clues to help you ‘escape’ from the Lighthouse if you are to board the last ship leaving the ‘island.’

Coming soon to Jimmy’s Escape Room will also be a new puzzle room – Asylum. In this challenge, you will follow a ‘patient’ named Charlie’s clues to help you escape the long-forgotten ‘asylum.’

Besides being a great weekend activity for friends or couples to enjoy, escape room challenges are also ideal for families as there is no age requirement and anyone from eight-year-olds to those with PhDs are more than capable of helping to find clues and solve puzzles within the rooms. Plus, these make for great team building activities for your next office event.

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