There’s a New Burger Restaurant Coming to South Orange


Although there are tons of fine dining options near your Gaslight Commons apartment, sometimes you’re just craving a thick, juicy burger. BGR Burger Joint, which stands for Burgers Grilled Right, is on schedule to open their first location in New Jersey right at home in South Orange.

The fast-casual restaurant will open at 9 West South Orange Ave., which is only two minutes from your apartment, this fall. It is owned and operated by Phil Sannitti and his sons, Paul and Michael. Paul Sannitti, a recent Seton Hall business graduate, always wanted to open a restaurant in his college town where he could cater to hungry Seton Hall students.

The restaurant chain, which was started in 2008 in Maryland, takes a different take to burgers with open kitchens so that customers can see how their food is being created. Plus, the beef is of the highest quality and is grilled to temperature over an open flame — not fried on a piece of stainless steel. Also, the bread is made by local bakers delivered fresh daily and the tomatoes are hand-sliced and also of the finest quality.

On the menu, customers will have the option to choose ‘BGR My Way,’ which allows them to hand-select each ingredient of their burger. Or, they can choose from one of the ‘Masterpieces,’ which includes options such as a pulled pork barbecue burger, a Wellington burger with caramelized onions, roasted mushrooms, black truffles and blue cheese crumbles or the Triple D, a burger topped with an over easy egg, apple wood smoked bacon, grilled jalapeno and cheddar cheese.

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