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Watermelon Recipes for Your Gaslight Commons Kitchen

Watermelon is a favorite fruit for many and unfortunately it’s only in season for a short period of time during the year….

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Seafood for Summer in South Orange

There’s something about the summer that just gets us in the mood for seafood. The Jersey Shore may be famous for it’s boardwalk…

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South Orange Local Eateries Voted the Best in Essex County

While there are many great places to eat and delicious food all around South Orange, residents are lucky to have some of…

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NJ Beaches for Summer

With the sweltering hot weather settling in, nothing compares to a nice dip in cool water. If you are looking for a…

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Fourth of July Fireworks around South Orange

There are many ways to celebrate the Fourth of July this weekend around South Orange. Gaslight Commons residents can join in on…

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